The Daemon Pledge

Here at Daemon we are rethinking the relationship between corporation and customer. It’s our belief that America is and has been under the tyranny of a very harmful ideology: “maximizing profit.” In strict observance of the corporate dogma, CEOs, politicians, leaders, news anchors, and even artists have submitted to the belief that all is fair when chasing the mighty dollar. Daemon will not partake. Daemon pays its’ employees well; makes the highest quality goods in the U.S.; and sells great products in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for all.

Too many corporations are cutting corners and what’s worse, they are dehumanizing the labor force and are driving a hard bargain with workers. Americans deserve the dignity of good work. Some companies are content with obsessing over the consumer and how-to best swindle him/her. At Daemon we’ve decided to think about and treat our employees with the same intense dedication as we do our customers. Why? And to what effect? Well, we can’t come to terms with the cognitive dissonance that many corporations must live with as they pronounce all sorts of dedication and benevolence on behalf of their customers but refuse to treat their workers with the same sense of esteem or dignity.

In the end, the American worker is the consumer. And yet, we have sold him out and pressured him to accept low wages, high living expenses and revolving lines of credit to make ends meet. Most large businesses spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars learning about the behaviors of consumers and how to convert them to customers. But few of these businesses spend even one honest hour thinking about the social impact of their organization. Even the holy grail of socially conscientious businesses, Big Tech, has sold out its’ employees and customers alike as they have been shameless and greedy in capturing more and more of our personal data and infringing on privacy, which ultimately, is an infringement on liberty. There must be a better way.  And Daemon hopes to navigate the turbulent waters in collaboration with thought-leaders, customers, and yes, employees as well. Finally, Daemon pledges that 10% of all profits will be go towards improving youth education, veteran assistance and fighting for worker’s rights. So please join us and subscribe to Daemon Insights. #Daemon

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