On Being a Man in America


Men in America have few outlets. No  pressure release valves, with the exception of violent sports and warfare (real or simulated). And I should know, for the better part of my young life I battered other men within the confines of a boxing ring and/or dutifully executed preparations for war in the Middle East as a military officer. (Most sports, in the end, are mirrors of warfare anyway) Controlling the destructive impulse within man seems to me, to be a very obvious function of a civilization.  But something in American society has broken loose and whatever mechanisms it had employed in the past are no longer working. Men are angry. Only the most neutered and emasculated men are capable of denying their deep rooted desire to rip off the chains of a sterile existence within "the corporation." In the end, the wonderful American experiment envisioned by the Founding Fathers has resulted not in the perpetuation of the integral, pioneering and well-informed citizen, but rather in the submissive and impotent corporate man. The corporate man readily  trades his instincts, personal ideations, family and destiny for a monthly survival stipend and an I.D. number within a square and congruent mosaic of massive conformity. Daemon awakens man. #Daemon


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