The Truth about You, About Us.

Hey everybody! I’m Steven Henao-Escobar. 

I created Daemon with the hope and dream that all of us can catch spiritual fire — yes, even in the business world. 

And I know that to many all of this may sound strange, but the highest truth for me, is that we are all here on planet Earth to fulfill a unique purpose and it’s each of our duties to find that higher calling, that flow, that destiny — and claim it. 

Anything less is wasted time. 

And forget about the time wasted! Think of all the joy we have and are Self-Selecting to miss out on. 

What a bummer. 

It is my firm belief (actually scratch that), I KNOW that bliss (even rapture) awaits us on the other side of our dogmas, judgments and limiting self-perceptions. 

Forget all the ideas of yourself. 

Mostly, our identities were handed down to us through a rigid process of public “education,” religious conformity and regional/cultural idiosyncracies. 

But wait, you’ll say,  I love my background, my personal story, my cultural and religious upbringing! 

So did I. 

But eventually I found that it isn’t enough. It isn’t limitless. 

Life has a funny way of always beckoning you to experience the inexhaustible…to search for the eternal, for more life. 

But this isn’t a thirst for simply “more life” as you’ve always known it, it’s a calling/a gravitational pull for you to return to your truest source. 

God resides within you. You are god in form. God is everywhere. Including you.

This is what determines the boys from the Men. 

Men are not born of external domination, that’s the hobby of boyhood; Men are born of internal mastery. 

Boys have goals; Men have a divine mission. 

At Daemon we celebrate Manhood. I hope you can join me in shifting of our cultural conversation away from the tropes of American manhood, which is actually boyhood in perpetuity. 

Drop a comment below if you have some thoughts on the matter. 

Thanks for being here!

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I look at my story/background/upbringing with a sense of respect as it is unique to the world and will never unfold in the same way throughout time. Also, a sense of respect for bringing me the ability to now reject pieces of that upbringing. I reject it because its limiting. It is finite. Itheld me to an identity that I no longer chose.
My internal definition of manhood has evolved throughout the years and until recently it was externally driven. I have no idea what the catalyst for internal mastery was or when it happened. What I do know, is that I am seeing the world with new eyes.

Herndo March 10, 2021

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