Destiny, why?

Odds are that no one reads my writing. But the fact is, it doesn’t matter. Not even a little. I came into this world to do something. You did too. I believe in destiny; and destiny demands both the good and the bad.  And I’ll take the perceived bad along with the good for the chance of seeing a part of me, or you, or the universe, that I’ve only caught glimpses of in my sleep. Oh yea, I’ve had dreams. But not the kind of dreams that we speak of in common parlance. I’ve dreamed images of self-destruction. Dreams of a world that transcends our notions of realism and materialism. Dreams of a world with little boundaries, raptured in a terrifying inner-connectedness. Dreams of truly knowing things without thinking or conceiving them. You just are; and so you just know. There are complex philosophical terms for such things. But I don’t care to dive into epistemology right now. The point is that life is much deeper than we believe and much more chaotic than we allow. Daemon’s ultimate goal may be to awaken people to fact that there is a darkness that bellies all of life and until we confront that aspect we are but only half alive. To finish the thought, here is a little thought experiment: If someone writes a blog and no one reads it, does it still make a sound? =) My answer...yes, it echoes in the halls of my personal destiny. I hope you can hear yourself too. Awaken the god within. #Daemon


I Love it. It is a beautiful and profound message.

Luz Mery December 19, 2018

I love this so much! Totally speaks to me!

Daisy Solís December 11, 2018

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