After BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS, wash your face.

After serving in the US military, Steven realized that most American men clung to the grooming habits of their childhood. Most of us were still using products filled with cheap ingredients and packaged in boyish brands that hadn’t innovated in decades. I couldn’t find a men’s grooming line that spoke to my maturing views about the world. And that didn’t make sense to me. I mean is it really that crazy to think that men could care about natural products or sustainability practices? Or that we want products aligned with our values? It was a no brainer for me. And after speaking with countless Soldiers, businessmen and artists from all walks of life it was clear to me that men can take care of themselves and still be fucking savages! It’s just that simple.

And that idea, in a nutshell, might be the entire ethos of Daemon. We want men to embrace being men. We don’t need some bullshit brand selling us the “easy life”, we don’t need products to tell us how to get laid. It’s all pretty lame. And so, Daemon is a brand for MEN, because we believe in MEN. Not boys, not macho-man bullshit, not Rolex flashing, not a life of ease. Anyone selling you ideas of an easy life -- sucks. Life is not easy. And at Daemon, we want to talk about that. We want to embrace the shadow-side. We want to encourage men to put their best foot forward every day; taking the hardships of life on the chin day after day after day.

The fact is Daemon products are better than any premium brand on the market right now, but what’s more important is that this company was created with a vision to inspire the guys fighting in the arena. Be a savage; create something worthy of future generations; destroy the status quo; live boldly; and when your done sweating, bleeding, and yes, crying, wash your face and do it all again tomorrow. That's Daemon. 


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unwibRa May 27, 2021

The ferocious passion of this post…this is gonna be good.

Antonio February 02, 2019


Lamar Simmons February 01, 2019

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